Here at Revival Collective, we know that a lot of people who want to live a more conscious lifestyle struggle with knowing where to start and how to go about making changes that are more ethical and sustainable. So, here are 5 great conscious apps covering fashion, food, beauty and lifestyle which should make living a more conscious lifestyle a little bit easier.

#1: Too Good To Go

‘Eat well. Save Money. Save the Planet.’ Sound good to you? Too Good To Go teams up with local restaurants, cafes, bakeries and other stores by giving a platform for businesses to sell their extra food as takeaways at discounted prices, instead of throwing it away. In over 10 cities across the UK and with around 2300 partners, they have saved over 805000 meals from going to waste.


#2: Love Food Hate Waste

This app helps users rethink the way they shop, helps to waste less by planning meals better, and offers recipes and advice on storing food. Many people don’t think twice about throwing away leftovers or food that they haven’t managed to use, but by avoiding this as much as possible, you could be saving money and reducing your footprint.


#3: Pack for a Purpose

This app encourages tourists to help communities in the countries they visit by packing a few supplies in with their luggage to support community projects around the world. All you have to do is pick a destination, find a local accommodation or tour company and drop the items off with them during your travels. Think about it, for only 2.27 kilos of your baggage allowance you could bring 400 pencils or a stethoscope, a blood pressure cuff and 500 plasters.

#4: Good On You

This app offers a rating system which not only helps conscious consumers find out how their favourite brands rate, it’s also a platform for users to discover new ethical brands that are similar but have a positive impact.  They are strong believers in transparency and give access to information about the way over 1000 fashion brands treat their workers, their impact on the planet and the way that they treat animals – helping users make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing clothing.

#5: Good Shopping Guide

Although it’s not actually an app, the Good Shopping Guide is the ultimate guide to living a more conscious lifestyle. It offers a huge database of conscious companies and brands from energy, money, fashion, health and beauty, home, food and drink to tech.


Let us know how you get on, and whether any of these apps prove useful in making the switch to a more conscious lifestyle, by tweeting us @revival_collect!