Here at Revival Collective we love glitter and all things sparkly as much as anyone… but what we don’t love is its damaging effect on the environment. Glitter is basically tiny bits of shiny plastic and aluminium. When you wash it off or your sparkles sprinkle onto the floor, they pollute eco-systems as they are non bio-degradable. Like other micro-plastics this is incredibly damaging, as the glitter can potentially be ingested by wildlife, making its way up through the food chain and causing mutations and other lasting damage.

However, there are alternatives out there! One big supplier, Ronald Britton have created an amazing bio-glitter and are the suppliers for many glitter orientated brands and businesses. Their bio-glitter is made from a bio-degradeable film that is certified compostable and is formed from renewable resources. It is also marine and waste water bio-degradeable.

We know that glitter is an essential for festival seasons so we’ve compiled a list of our 5 favourite eco-glitter sellers who offer gorgeous alternatives, helping you create that ‘extra’ look without it costing the earth.



Glitter Revolution

Show off your body with this body glitter! #repost @sparkleandflick

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Wild Glitter

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