Zero waste is a way of living that aims to reduce excess waste in all areas of life encouraging the circular economy and making a stand against the use of unnecessary packaging such as plastic and unnecessary over-consumption in all areas over life.

Daisy our resident expert has given us 5 simple tips for anyone who wants to significantly cut down on their waste . She is the co-founder of What Daisy Did an amazing conscious brand that creates beautiful accessories out of waste materials so she definitely knows her stuff when it comes to up cycling, recycling and reducing the amount of potential waste that we are consuming.


#1  Ditch the Disposables

Instead of buying plastic bottles and coffee in disposable cups invest in a stainless steel bottle from Chillys or Klean Kanteen and a reusable coffee cup! Also, when drinking out ask them to hold the straw, its not necessary and if you really want one there are plenty of alternatives available made from paper, bamboo or reusable stainless steel. Save money on using the 5p plastic shopping bags every time and invest in your own cotton or canvas ones that you can bring with you when you shop! Also try and avoid pre packaged sandwiches and snacks when out and about, bring your own instead in a trendy tin like this one from Elephant Box.

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#2 Shop at the Local Farmer’s Market

Shop at the local farmer’s market or at least buy the loose veg from the supermarket and take your own cloth bags to put it in.  There are also several zero waste supermarkets popping up around the country where you can fill your own bags or jars with dried goods like pasta to save packaging on them too!

#3 Meal Prep

Plan meals and shop accordingly so that no food gets wasted, making a meal plan for the week and sticking to it means that less food will get wasted and it saves you time having to come up with a meal every day. There’s good old fashioned pen and paper or there are some great apps you can download. Cooked extra? Refrigerate for tomorrow or freeze for another day.

Download Mealboard here 


#4 Need New Clothes?

Cutting down on your clothes buying and focusing on a capsule wardrobe is the best way to reduce waste, if there is an item you are after first look at ethical fashion sites as there are piles of stylish and affordable ethical clothing out there which will last longer than anything you buy from Primark! If it’s still slightly out of budget keep an eye on ebay, depop and in your local charity shops to get it second hand. There are also clothes swap events held all around the country so you can both pick up new clothes and get rid of some you no longer want simply by swapping them! If something no longer fits or is no longer your style is there something you could do to upcycle it into something you would wear? Sometimes simple changes like shortening a skirt or changing the neckline of a dress can turn the item into something completely new! If not swap it, sell it or give it to a charity shop. If something has a hole in it there’s no need to throw it away if it can be fixed or upcycled? If not then cut it into rags and use it to clean around the house!


#5 Electrics and Water

Waste applies to your electric and water too! The garden doesn’t mind your old bath or washing up water to drink (so long as you are using nice organic and natural shampoo and soaps!) And make sure to turn off all lights and appliances at the plug when you aren’t using them rather than leaving them on standby. This will save you money on your bills too!

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Check out Daisy’s amazing recycled bags at What Daisy Did!