Practically every vegan I know has said as one point in their lives “I could never go vegan.” There’s a massive misconception in our society that veganism is incredibly difficult and we spend our time eating lettuce leaves and avocados. Although there is definitely some truth in this, there are so many other options for vegans, especially as the ‘vegan’ and ‘plant-based’ movement is growing bigger every day.

Although veganism may appear tough, there are simple steps you can take to make the change. Chances are you’ll find yourself looking back and questioning why you hadn’t done this years before!

#1: Get Educated

The best thing you can do is research as much as you can – whether this is watching some of the amazing documentaries available, reading further about it in books or even watching YouTube videos of vegan recipes. There are so many easy ways to find out more about the lifestyle and the positive aspects of veganism as a whole.

If you’re looking to find out more about animal exploitation try Earthlings, for environmental issues check out Cowspiracy and if you’re hoping to improve your health – forks over knives.

#2: Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Like any life change, accidents happen. Dairy products are often lurking in the most unexpected food products – and it can be easy to use products that aren’t vegan without even realising.

These things happen and you shouldn’t let it hold you back or give up. Just remember to double check in the future!

Also, if you cave in and find yourself eating meat and dairy at certain points, then that’s ok too and it doesn’t mean you have to give up – it’s hard to break life long habits!

#3: Get These Great, Inexpensive Replacements

There are so many brilliant vegan alternatives, ranging in prices across brands and products. Find your favourite brands for staple items such as milk and butter, try different kinds of alternatives milks like oat and almond.

You can also invest in vegan cheeses and meats as the occasional treat if you’re craving certain things. Remember that there are inexpensive options and you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on vegan products.

Revival Collective Loves:

Vegusto No Moo Mild-Aromatic Chedder which is made with cashew nuts and has an aged cheddery flavour.


#4: Join The Vegan Community on Social Media

Get integrated into the vegan community on social media – there are so many Facebook groups that are filled with recipes, tips and advice. Another great way to get motivated is to follow vegan instagrammers – not only will they inspire you to make the change, you’ll get to see LOADS of amazing food. Also these communities are a great place for any questions you might have about turning vegan and having a plant-based diet.

Revival Collective Loves:

Crazy Mango Girl‘s amazing vegan bowls!

#5: Remember That You’re Doing a Great Thing

It’s important to remember that you’re doing something brilliant. You’re saving animals, protecting the environment and improving your own health. You have a wonderful and supportive community that are there for you and realistically, the “luxuries” you’re expected to miss and difficulties you may find along the way are nothing compared to the fantastic lifestyle you’re embarking on.

Do everything at your own pace and listen to what your body wants! In the end you’ll definitely find yourself questioning why you haven’t been vegan forever!

There are so many options with veganism and a wide range of support. You can make an amazing lifestyle change with ease and feel better for it.

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