Gemma Coate


Provenance: 100% Transparency in Fashion Supply Chains

Tech start-up Provenance has been looking beyond fashion for alternative solutions to the industry’s issues. Using Blockchain technology to track garments from farm to finished product, they’re providing a platform that’s able to provide 100% transparency, proving the origin, the journey and the impact of clothing. As we all know, fashion supply chains are complex and difficult to untangle. Second only to the oil industry, fashion is considered to be one of the most polluting industries in the world. Too often brands make claims like ‘made ethically’ and ‘organic cotton’ without hard evidence to back up these statements. Using new…

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Environment, Fashion

How B Corps are Encouraging a More Conscious Future for Fashion

In recent years, there have been an increasing number of brands looking to provide solutions to our global, social, economic and environmental problems through their triple bottom line (the methods of cooperating with the outside world: socially, environmentally and financially). This new generation are pursuing a corporate structure, which will make them accountable not only for generating profits, but also for creating positive social and environmental impacts on the world What are B-Corporations, and how are they helping reduce environmental impact? Many businesses that are choosing this unconventional approach to their corporate identity are becoming what are called B Corporations;  businesses…

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