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Eco Essentials: Beach Day

In an unfortunate turn of weather, it’s pretty cloudy today… so thinking up what to wear on a beach day out has stretched my imagination to say the least! But like a true Brit, sitting and dreaming about lying on the beach in beautiful sunshine is one of my favourite pastimes. If I close my eyes and zone out a bit, will the hum of the traffic become the sound of the waves?  The overhead fan a gentle sea breeze?  The coffee shop bench a reclining sun lounger? Now where’s my piña colada?! We’ve done a round up of our…

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Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week – A Two-Step Approach to Becoming a More Conscious Beauty Buyer

There are two main brands of sugar available in UK supermarkets. One is Fair Trade… Yay to supporting good working conditions and fair wages! The other is British grown…. Yay to less transport! Only which do I buy? Short of alternating between the two, I have to decide which means most to me: the good jobs or a smaller carbon footprint? This is just one dilemma about one product. If we commit to becoming more conscious consumers, we face similar choices all the time. It can become confusing – not to mention exhausting! This is particularly the case with beauty,…

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3 Easy Conscious Beauty Swaps

With Fashion Revolution Week almost upon us, concerned consumers have an opportunity to learn more about the ethical and environmental issues surrounding the clothes that we buy.  The sustainable fashion movement appears to be gaining momentum, with even high street giants such as H&M and Selfridges getting on board through their respective Conscious and Material World initiatives. While the global garment industry still has a long way to go on many fronts, from workers’ rights to pollution to zero hours contracts, it’s now easier than ever for us to purchase clothing with a conscience.  With a bit of effort and…

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