Dying your hair is a great way of making an easy yet impactful change. It’s the perfect way to reinvent yourself if you’re feeling a little low or to jazz up your look if you’re getting slightly bored of it. Unfortunately, a lot of readily available hair dye is not cruelty free and I’ve always thought it was difficult to get hold of cruelty free hair dye, and even harder to get hold of dye that uses natural ingredients. Thankfully, after a year of trialling many different hair colours, I’ve found some solid options for consciously changing your hair colour.

#1: Manic Panic

Manic Panic is a well-known cruelty free brand that have a wide range of vibrant and interesting colours. Whether you’re looking for blues, pinks or yellows – they’ve got the lot. All of their products are certified cruelty free and vegan so you can have wacky, guilt-free and fabulous hair!

After Midnight Semi Permanent – Manic Panic


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#2: Lime Crime

Lime Crime is another great option if you’re wanting bright and vibrant colours. Their colour selection is amazing and the packaging is sooo cute. AND it’s the perfect excuse to grab some of their make up products while you’re there!

Baby Pastel Semi Permanent fantasy hair colour – Lime Crime


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#3: Tints of Nature

Tints of nature are an all natural, cruelty free brand that focus solely on hair dyeing products. They have a brilliant colour selection and positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Ash Blonde Permanent Hair Colour – Tints of Nature


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#4: Henna Hair Dyes – Lush

A great option for your hair is henna. The rich colours have a gorgeous, natural, yet eye catching effect and you can build them to create the colour you’d prefer.

Lush have a brilliant selection of henna, with cocoa butter and essential oils to nourish your hair. It’s a lengthy process but is completely worth it given the results.

Marron – Henna Hair Colour


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#5: Superdrug Pick and Mix

Superdrug have done it again; their cruelty free selection is simply fantastic and appears to expanding more and more every day.

They have a range of options if you’re wanting natural colours but the items that caught my eye were the pick and mix brighter colours. Seemingly a Bleach London dupe, these cruelty free, semi permanent dyes are a must try. Especially as they’re currently £3.29 each!!

Pick & Mix colour semi permanent hair dye violet – Superdrug


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#6: Naturtint

If you’re after natural hair colours that aren’t tested on animals and that avoid harsh chemicals, look to Naturtint. They have a gorgeous variety of natural colours in both permanent and semi-permanent, and are great if you have sensitive skin as they are free from ammonia, Resorcinol, Parabens, SLS, Mineral Oils and instead are enriched with natural oils.

Natural Chestnut- Holland and Barrett


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Have great hair, and stand up to animal testing with these amazing products! Are there any that we’ve missed? What are your favourite conscious hair dyes? Lets us know by tweeting us @revival_collect. Also, if you’ve trialled any of these products we’d love to see how it turns out, tag @revival.collective in your pictures on instagram!