Everyone has their go-to lipsticks, the product they paint onto their lips on a Sunday morning to mask their hangover, the shade to jazz up any outfit on a night out, or the lipstick that completes your day to day outfit choices.

Although many of the products out there aren’t so ethically or sustainably made, we’ve been on the search for conscious alternatives to add to our makeup bags and have found a wide range of lipsticks that are environmentally friendly, vegan and cruelty free! So here’s our favourite sustainable and ethical lipsticks…

#1: 100% Pure Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

100% Pure is, as the name suggests, one of the purest cosmetic lines around. Their products are made from fruit, plants and vegetables – meaning that they’re not only great lipsticks, they’re good for both you and the planet. And their packaging is amazing!

Naturismo £21

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#2: Inika Vegan Lipstick

Inika is one of the most highly certified organic cosmetic brands in the world. Their lipstick is created using avocado and jojoba seed oils, ensuring that their products are moisturising as well as ethical. They have a range of shades for every occasion and have even made sure that all their packaging is recyclable.

Naturismo £18

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#3: Zao Pearly Lipstick

This lipstick is smooth and velvety, easy to wear and is available in such beautiful colours. They’re packaged in a varnished bamboo case, making them the perfect gift and/or treat for yourself.

Not On The Highstreet £18

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#4: NYX Velvet Matt Lipstick

NYX are a completely vegan and cruelty free company, with a colour selection that dreams are made of and formulas that are nourishing and comfortable to wear. They’re also very affordable, with most lipsticks averaging at around £7 – the perfect combination of cruelty free and accessible.

NYX £7

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#5: Limecrime Velvetines Metallic Lipstick

Limecrime have stolen my heart… their shades, formulas and ethics are just so on point. The seashell bra shade is everything I have ever wanted in a statement lipstick and they also have a large range of other colours for days that you’re not feeling so mermaidy.

Cult Beauty £16.00

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We’re so happy to see that there are so many options available for conscious lipsticks and that loads of companies are taking ethical living into consideration. The temptation to go and spend all of my money on different lip products is getting harder and harder to resist!


We’d love to see how you style your favourite conscious lipstick brands. Tag @revival.collective in your instagrams!