No one is perfect, and no one can be something all the time. Willpower is a powerful tool and sometimes standing up for what you believe in can be incredibly awkward, uncomfortable or just not feasible! Being more conscious in your life is a process, don’t beat your self up for slipping up. To show you you’re not alone,  we’ve started a series called Conscious Confessions… where everyone’s guilty little secrets are bared to the world!


Here are some vegan confessions – overheard in the Revival Collective locker room:


“I’m a vegan but… I really really wish I could still enjoy a nice cheeseboard” – Sophia


“I’m a vegan but… as a vet I sometimes find myself strongly disagreeing on some views of the vegan community and also have had to spend a lot of time in the farming community… pretending I think it’s ok (when inside I’m crying) lol” – Holly


“I’m a vegan but… sometimes I just want to bathe in a tub full of chocolate, whilst eating a brie sandwich (hopefully they’ll make a brie replacement soon??)’ – Amy


“I’m a vegan but … when I’m drunk I never think about whether the alcohol I’m buying is vegan” – Hermione


“I’m a vegan but… McDonald’s is still my favourite restaurant (the vegan options obvs, also is McDonald’s a restaurant?)”- Robyn


“I’m a vegan but… I don’t stick to it when I go on holiday because I don’t want it to become a source of stress for me, when in my day to day life being vegan is always a source of inspiration!” – Flo


“I‘m a vegan but… I inhale from my boyfriend’s bags of cookies” – Phoebe


“I’m a vegan but… I have woken up from nights out with a hand literally full of cheese far more times than is acceptable” – Lily


“I’m a vegan but… I like the smell of a sausage and egg McMuffin in the staff room” – Amy


“I’m a vegan but… sometimes I feel like it’s rude to turn offerings of food down. I work with vulnerable and elderly people and to say ‘I can’t eat that, I’m vegan’ makes me too uncomfortable, so I eat the biscuits” – Lucy


‘I’m a vegan but… always forget to check if shoes are leather!” – Sasha


“I’m a vegan but… I’m really struggling with cruelty free deodorant because I find all the natural stuff doesn’t work” – Amy 


“I’m vegan but… sometimes I buy honey instead of maple syrup because it’s cheaper” – Eva


“I’m a vegan but… I would devour McDonald’s chicken nuggets if no one would ever find out…” – Kez


“I’m a vegan but… I still eat the free prawn crackers that come with Chinese takeaway (and always ‘forget’ to ask them not to include them)” – Jo


So there you have it, looks like cheating on your veganism and not staying 100% to the vegan ‘guidelines’ is a lot more common than you might think – oooops and McDonalds and cheese seem to be the main sources of corruption!

What are your vegan confessions? Let us know – sharing is caring after all! Comment below, or tweet us @revival_collect