It’s getting to that time of year again: the summer is fading, there’s a chill in the air and the nights are getting darker. Sometimes you just don’t want to go back into the night, so what better way to spend your evening than to have a cosy night in.

There are some things that are just essential to the perfect comfort and warmth. The blanket, the perfect fluffy socks, candles and of course the hot chocolate…

So here’s a quick guide to getting your hands on some conscious cosy essentials!


#1: Wrap up in a blanket

The number one cosy essential has to be getting underneath a soft blanket, with the bonus effect of keeping out the cold. This blanket is made from recycled material from oxfam and is a pretty fair price, so you might just have to get a matching one for your guests! All profits go to helping fight poverty; helping communities build better and fairer lives.

Large Recyled Wool Blanket, £19.99 Oxfam

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#2: Keep your feet happy – Fluffy socks!

With the sustainable fabrics these socks are made from, you’ll never want to take them off, and with these extra long ones you can even keep your thighs toasty! You can’t be cosy until your tootsies are – and why not have fancy feet?  Thought have a great range: striped, spotty or fluffy, gift sets, bamboo, hemp or recycled. Thought pride themselves on their ethics and being conscious at all stages of their production, but also on their use of sustainable fabrics and transparency in all they do.


Long Socks available in three colours, Thought £9.00

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#3: Mood lighting – Candles

You’ve had a busy day, filled with bright lights and computer screens. There is nothing more relaxing than dimming the lights and lighting some candles, especially if they smell great! I love this mix of sophisticated drinks with candles. Candles also mean saving on electricity so everybody wins. Vineyard Candles is a small, family owned company based in Cornwall specialising in handmade soy candles from repurposed wine and beer bottles. They are suitable for vegans and come with unique fragrances like Gin and Prosecco!

Gin or Prosecco Candles, Vineyard Candles £19.50

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#4: Hot Chocolate

After setting up your cosy space, it’s time to wrap your hands around a hot mug of cocoa. A hug in a mug. Divine’s cocoa powder is vegan and is bought from small-scale farmers on Fairtrade terms. The Kuapa Kokomo farmers enjoy financial benefits, training, community and farm improvements, and increased income. The Kuapa farmers also benefit in other important ways since they partly own Divine Chocolate. They have two representatives on the Divine board and are therefore closely involved in the development of the company. Make with your favourite vegan milk alternative – I’d recommend almond or oat milk for this. And maybe dip in an Oreo or 3…

Cocoa Powder, £2.20 Divine

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#5: Entertainment

If you fancy watching a film, how about being cosy and informed and tuning into Cowspiracy on Netflix. If need some reminding, or want to learn about, why decreasing your meat and animal produce consumption is so important then this is the film to watch. This inspiring and eye opening documentary exposes the truth behind animal agriculture. The truth is shockingly avoided by many big environmental groups. It’s full of interesting and sometimes shocking facts: animal agriculture is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the combined exhaust from all transportation. 5% of water consumed in the US is by private homes, while 55% of water consumed in the US is for animal agriculture. I could not understand how the facts shown in this film are not more widely publicised. It’s well worth a watch, and you’ll end your cosy night in with some valuable info!

Alternatively, if you fancy a screenless night, why not crack open a game with some friends – top favourites are Articulate or Cards Against Humanity, guaranteed some giggles!

Don’t wallow in the loss of summer, reunite with friends in the excitement of cosy winter nights to come, or give yourself a well-deserved night off.


How do you like to spend your cosy nights in? Did we miss out any essentials! Let us know by tweeting us @revival_collect