Hermione’s Favourites…

Eco Glitter

I just love sparkles, and glitter is an absolute essential for the festival season. However, since realising to what extent glitter is damaging the environment and harming marine life, I felt that there was no way I could justify using it. But thankfully, I came across these incredible eco glitter brands on Instagram and also realised that there are quite few companies out there who are now introducing ranges of biodegradable glitter made out of natural materials! Amazing news, I’m sure you’ll agree. So now I can get glittered up for Brighton Pride Festival, absolutely guilt free.

My favourite brand is Glitter revolution

Homemade Pesto

I love pesto so much, but finding a vegan alternative can be a bit tricky as there’s only really a few brands out there, and it’s not always available in supermarkets. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own. First off I bought a basil plant, which I now have growing in my kitchen, and fresh herbs whenever I want means way less packaging when buying from the supermarket. Another perk of making my own means I know exactly how it’s made, what goes into it and I am able to use my own containers instead of constantly purchasing new glass jars.

There’s so many different recipes out there, so it’s well worth experimenting to find your favourite flavour! Pesto and pasta… the easiest and most fulfilling combination in the world… just became another level of exciting.

My favourite recipe is this by Food 52. It’s creamy and garlicky and the nutritional yeast gives it that yummy cheesy flavour. Also substituting some of the pine nuts for cashew nuts also works really well.

Ruth Beesley jewellery designer

I absolutely adore Ruth Beesley’s jewelry! The minimalist designs come in simple silver crafted into beautiful shapes and are all made from recycled and reclaimed silver! She also upcycles by creating packaging out of waste materials like denim. Her beautiful designs are supporting sustainability through being part of the circular economy and all of them are minimising the impact and resources used by the jewellery industry.

Harriet’s favourites…

Ecover laundry products

It might seem like a bit of a boring favourite, but I think one of the best ways to get started with living a more conscious lifestyle is to switch up your cleaning and laundry products. It’s a really simple switch so it’s a really easy way to make a difference – and I just love ecover’s laundry products! They’re all Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free, and their bottles are made from sugarcane and are completely recyclable! I’ve been using a combo of the Waterlily & Honeydew laundry liquid and the Amongst the Flowers and it leaves my laundry smelling so amazing!


Sukin’s Cream Cleanser

If you’ve followed Revival Collective for a while you’ll know I’m a bit of a skincare fanatic. I recently wrote about Sukin since I tried one of their moisturisers and one of their oils and loved them, so since then I’ve tried out their cream cleanser and it’s so good! Sukin has quickly become one of my favourite, if not my complete favourite, conscious skincare brand because they’re so affordable, and they’re available at Boots! They’re organic, cruelty free, free of so many nasty ingredients, and everything I’ve tried from them just feels so good on my skin. They feel so luxurious for such low prices! I can’t get enough of this brand right now.



I recently discoverd Kristina’s youtube channel and I can’t get enough of it! She became a fully raw vegan 12 years ago and her channel is all about how she does it, sharing tipcs, advice and recipes all about living a raw vegan lifestyle. I’m not a fully raw vegan and I don’t plan to become one anytime soon, but she has some amazing smoothie and salad recipes that I’ve been incorporating into my breakfasts and lunches. She’s also just so inspiring! She’s fully of enery and positivity and she really makes me excited about making raw meals like salads. She’s great for some healthy vegan food inspo!

So those are some of our favourites this month! Have you tried any of these things? Let us know if you have and what your conscious favourites, recommendations and discoveries have been this month by leaving a comment or tweeting us @revival_collect!