Hermione’s favourites…

Vegan Trainers

This month I treated myself to a brand new pair of white trainers… the ultimate staple item for any fashion minded person (and my old pair had a massive hole in, not great for Brighton in the rain). The brand of choice was Vegetarian Shoes, whose Veg Kemp Sneakers are very similar to a style that I absolutely love – Adidas’ Stand Smith. Vegetarian Shoes make their trainers ethically out of vegetarian fake leather in Portugal and are 100% vegan friendly.

Snowconut Ice Cream

My mum came to stay and conveniently the coconut collaborative ‘snowconut’ ice cream was on offer in Sainsbury’s – what a treat. I chose the vanilla flavour which was 100% delicious and tasted really luxurious, honestly, we were in ice cream heaven. The best dairy-free ice cream I’ve had. It was so good with some fresh fruit and between us we almost ate the whole tub in one sitting, it took a lot of self-control to put the final spoonful back in the freezer. Coconut collaborative are 100% dairy free and they also give back to the planet, planting trees and helping farmers and charities.

Mattea Bennadetti’s Apple Skin Dress

Mattea Bannedetti is a finalist of the Green Carpet Talent competition, and crafted an incredible couture dress from Apple Skin, using it as a leather alternative created from apple waste from the food industry. Who would ever have guessed?

All entrants of the Green Carpet Talent competition have to incorporate the Green Carpet Challenge® (GCC®) Principles of Sustainable Excellence, which consider social and environmental impacts typically caused by the fashion industry into their bespoke look. The winner will present their pieces at Milan Fashion Week. Fingers crossed for Mattea!

Harriet’s favourites…

Growing your own

I love gardening as much as a person without a garden can love gardening. It’s odd. What I do have, though, is a tiny fire escape outside my bedroom window with enough space for a few post and easy access that simply involves leaning out of a window. A while ago I started growing tomatoes and I’ve recently started eating the fruits of my labour – literally! Now it’s October it’s tme to say goodbye to my yummy tomatoes, though, but I’ll definitely do it again next year, they were delicious!


Lush’s rose jam bubbleroon

Back in August, I had a bath in my flat for the first time since we’d moved in nearly 2 years ago (I had showers before that, don’t worry!) and discovered that baths are actually amazing. This meant I was finally able to make use of Lush’s bath products, so I went in to get one of their bubble bars in my favourite scent, rose. Unfortunately, they were sold out, and I was advised they were currently sold out in every branch because their producers had problems. Essentially, they only buy from small growers and this year there was a low yield, but instead of just grabbing a new source as quickly as possible, the products would be out of stock for a while until they could find another producer that met their policies on sourcing. In September I managed to get my hands on one, along with a newfound respect for Lush – just because they’re growing and popping up on high streets doesn’t mean they’re sacrificing on their sustainable and ethical standards! Plus, it smelled yummy, turned the water pink, and it totally vegan!


Packaging-free shopping

I’m moving house soon and it’s always nice to have a fresh start so I’m using it as an opportunity to make my home more sustainable, and one of the ways I’m doing that is my doing more bulk buying. I’ve accumulated quite a few glass jars which I’ve filled with pasta, lentils, oats, and popcorn kernels. I’ve been going down to HiSBe in Brighton where they have so many bulk bins. The prob is I’ve been using their paper bags to fill up on things, so next on my list is to get some reusable cloth bags!


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