The celebrity look is well-documented in magazines; encouraging you to find the high-street alternatives to the celebrities’ designer labels. But what if you could simultaneously emulate celebrity style and buy clothing which is ethical and sustainable? We’ve taken one of Gigi Hadid’s looks and recreated it while encouraging a more sustainable way of consuming.  

I loved the classic chic of Gigi Hadid’s look in this Instagram post from 1st June 2017. Gigi is an American fashion model, a muse of many of the big fashion names, and one half of a super-stylish power couple. Alongside her boyfriend Zayn Malik (previously of One Direction), she is constantly been praised for her amazing outfits, and her style choices are definitely well-documented.


#ad ❣️ Wednesday in my @reebokclassics #classicleather 🚨🚨

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Red cardigan: Thought Clothing

Thought clothing is one of my favourite ethical fashion brands, and they boast a beautiful range of cardigans. A cardigan is perfect for when it comes to those slightly chilly summer evenings, and effortlessly brings your look from daywear to eveningwear.  

The ‘Elisse Organic Cotton Cardigan’ is made from 85% certified cotton, and 15% wool. Waist-length, and v-neck, this simple cardigan’s unique selling point is its lovely embroidery. A fantastic find, offering a pop of colour to a predominantly dark-coloured outfit. Even better, it is currently on sale!


Elisse Cotton Cardigan Red £27

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Black top: Mayamiko

Mayamiko is another favourite of mine – not just for clothing, but for homewares and accessories too. A slight twist on Gigi’s simple black crop top is Mayamiko’s ‘Minimal Black Tee with Sheer Organza Back’. Loose-fitting and breathable, especially in the recent stifling heat, this scoop-neck tee is made from certified cotton, with matching trousers available. 

Minimal black tee with sheer organza – £29

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Black jeans: MUD Jeans

MUD began in 2013; inspired from time spent working in China. MUD has won several awards during its existence, and are leading-runners of a wonderful initiative called Lease-A-Jeans, where you can loan stylish jeans through small monthly payments. Simply return each pair after having them for a year, or when they get worn-out. MUD will then recycle them and send you a replacement pair. You can also buy both new and pre-loved jeans from MUD. In fact, at MUD, you can “shop guilt-free… while looking fashionable and modern.”

These ‘Skinny Hazen Dip Dry’ jeans are skinny-fit and high-waisted, which I think makes for a great combination with a loose-fitting crop top. You can choose both your desired waist size and leg length, so each pair is perfectly personalised to each person.  


Organic Skinny Hazen Drip Dry – 98€ approx. £88

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Red sunglasses: Komodo 

Komodo consider themselves a pioneer brand, beginning in 1988. Inspired by the culture and colours of Asia, Komodo visits their factories regularly, and their founder, Joe Komodo, is also a talented poet, writing poignant lyricism’s about sustainability. Komodo as a company “promotes the use and development of organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, Tencel and other sustainable fabrics.”

These large-framed sunglasses may not be identical to Gigi’s, but they are definitely a statement piece, reminiscent of 60s glamour. ‘Padova eco sunglasses by Antonio Verde’ are eco-friendly, and come with a pouch and cleaning cloth. The frames are made from recycled plastic sourced from old computers, while the arms are made from bamboo. Komodo also offers free shipping to the UK and the rest of Europe for any purchases over £50. 

Padova Eco Sunglasses £50 

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Black trainers: Veja

Veja make all their trainers as ethically and sustainably as possible. Big advocates of fair trade and organic farming, they utilise consciously sourced materials throughout their collections. This includes wild rubber from the Amazon and leather that’s tanned with plant extracts to create trainers that respect the environment. Plus, they founded their business on a responsible and fair supply chain that has a strong focus on human rights. These gorgeous black trainers are made from organic cotton and responsibly sourced leather and are a great investment as they are a versatile, everyday staple which can be dressed up or down.




Gold hoop earrings with bead detail: Shake the Dust

Shake the Dust began in 2012, and has since gone on to win several awards. Inspired by time spent living and working with creatives in South Africa, their jewellery is handcrafted, which makes each piece unique. 

These earrings offer an interesting twist on Gigi’s plain gold hoops, yet would still complement any outfit well. ‘XL Beaded Hoop Earrings White Gold’ are made from 100% recycled materials. Shake the Dust’s jewellery offers support to Maasai women in Tanzania, and incorporates their traditional bead work into its designs. 





Hand beaded hoop earrings – £18 

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Brown chunky belt: Ethical Wares

Ethical Wares began in 1993, and the majority of their accessories are Fair Trade. By supporting the Tibetan refugee community fund, through Ethical Wares (among other brands) “consumers all have the chance to change the World for the better in their everyday purchases”. 

As with all of Ethical Ware’s other products, the ‘Belt H Brown’ is vegan-friendly and made in the UK. The brown offers a nice contrast to the large palette of black in this outfit, while the gold-plated longer buckle sits well with the gold highlights on the earrings. 








Vegan Brown Belt – £19.96 

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This outfit is an undeniable winner in the fashion stakes. Simple, yet elegant, Gigi brings vintage touches beautifully into the modern-day. Iconic and sustainable… what more could be better?


Got a favourite celebrity look that you’d like us to ethically re-create? We’d love to know about it! Tweet us your suggestions at @revival_collect!