Founded in 2013 by Daisy and Ozric, What Daisy Did creates timeless bags, wallets and purses that not only are sustainable but create work opportunities for the UK’s homeless. We had the opportunity to chat to Daisy, finding out more about how What Daisy Did started up, how they stay sustainable and what the future holds.


RC: You started up What Daisy Did after working in various sustainability focused projects and travelling in India. Were there any particular experiences or stand out moments that led you starting up your own brand?

WDD: We had previously spent our summers working at festivals and the amount of needless waste at these events inspired us to want to change people’s perceptions of sustainability and how you can live more ethically.


RC: What is the aim of your brand?

WDD: Our aim is to prove that ethical and sustainable fashion can also be fun, affordable and stylish!


RC: How do you ensure your brand remains as ethical and sustainable as possible?

WDD: Our materials are recycled, sourced from factory offcuts and a byproduct of the local meat industry. The bags are made in a small rural community in India where we pay fair wages and do not use any forced or child labour.


RC:  Your recruitment process focuses on the recruitment of vulnerable people in both India and the UK. How does this process work?

WDD: In India, the manager of operations over there oversees the recruitment process and tailors are recruited mainly through word of mouth from current employees, they are all skilled with previous experience and live within the same rural community. When we recruited in the UK we went through the Northampton Hope Centre whose aim is to get people who were previously homeless or vulnerable back into work.


RC: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

WDD: Our designs focus on longevity so we combine classic vintage shapes with a modern edge, but we don’t follow trends or seasons.


RC: What Daisy Did started up in 2013. What have been the stand out moments for you in the past four years?

WDD: I think when we gave up our day jobs to do What Daisy Did full time, it was scary but exciting at the same time!


RC: Do you think the fashion industry has changed much since you started four years ago?

WDD: I think that Slow Fashion has grown so much in the last 4 years and is definitely becoming more mainstream.


RC: As an advocate of slow fashion, what changes do you think people can make who want to shop more consciously and ethically?

WDD: Small steps can add up to big change. Shop less or preloved if you are on a budget, if there is something you would like wait a while and if you still want it and think you would get lots of use out of it then go for it! If you think that shopping ethically is too expensive you can always buy ethical clothes second hand, most shops have sales and discount codes set up or you could ask for it for your birthday or Christmas!


RC: What advice do you have for anyone looking to set up their own ethical and sustainable brand?

WDD: While a business head and know how is going to get you far when setting up your own brand the most important thing to have is passion, when things start to look down then passion for what you are doing is what is going to get you through it.


RC: Finally, where do you see What Daisy Did going next?

WDD: We aren’t sure what our next move is going to be at the moment but we have lots of exciting ideas!


Check out What Daisy Did’s beautiful fairtrade handbags, backpacks satchels, wallets and travel bags on her website  and follow her on instagram @whatdaisydidnext!