We at Revival Collective are excited to introduce you to an up and coming designer, who seeks to be a part of the sustainable fashion movement, believing that it should be an outlet for social change and action.

Lauren Alyssa Woodward

Lauren is a young Canadian designer and founder of her own clothing brand, Lauren Alyssa Design. She currently attends Parsons School of Design in New York City, where she is continuing her work in sustainable fashion. Continue reading to find out what drives Lauren’s work, her plans for the future, and thoughts on sustainable fashion from the inside.

How did you first begin working in sustainable fashion, was it intentional or serendipitous?

I began working sustainably in High School, in the 11th grade. At first it was just a new approach to create, and I was very drawn to the idea of taking something old, or discarded, and giving it a new purpose.

It all began with a project I had in class, where I decided to make a corset and skirt out of old playing cards. In the 12th Grade our art class was required to create eight different projects, and I decided to incorporate a theme using unconventional objects, to create 3D works of art. One of my projects was a dress made entirely of real leaves that I collected and preserved. Another piece was an area rug made entirely of my brother’s old t-shirts that I recycled into yarn and crocheted. This was just the beginning of my path towards sustainability, a theme that I want to keep pursuing.  Although I’ve done a lot with sustainable materials in the past I never really realized it was something I could use to potentially start a business.


What is your process? Do you find it more difficult to work with sustainable materials rather than new?

Due to the materials, every piece is different from the others, so there are some complications with manufacturing and sale – but I think the uniqueness with each piece is also a positive. The fashion industry is moving towards a more sustainable approach to design, and in my school they definitely encourage students to follow this path.

Personally, I almost find it easier to work with recycled materials rather than new ones. My designs are very textile driven. I love to work with my hands, weaving, crocheting, knitting, etc. I love creating a textile like this and allowing it to become its own piece, imagining it as a top or built into a pant or jacket. I don’t design the traditional way, I’m very much a hands on person. I imagine something in my mind, create it, and then draw it once it is finished.


What inspires your work?  How do your designs differ from those of designers who use more traditional processes?

My inspiration comes from everything around me. I want to make a change in the world for the better. I have never taken inspiration from other designers. I find it inhibits my creativity and almost makes me get stuck. There are designers that I like, but it’s more of something I could see myself wearing or appreciating their craftsmanship.

My way of designing is different from others because I like to create things that are different yet wearable, complex yet simple. I love to challenge myself by using different materials, scrap fabrics, and combining them in ways I’ve never seen before.

Photographer: Will Cross Birmingham @wcrossb


Looking to the future, what are your plans and do you intend on continuing to create sustainable pieces?

With regards to sustainable fashion and the future I do believe this type of designing will be prevalent very soon. This way of designing is already making appearances in cities all over the world and gaining traction quickly because the truth behind fast fashion is becoming known. Fast fashion industries are suffering and will continue to do so with people gaining knowledge about the repercussions the industry has on not only the workers, but everyone.

I consider myself to be a part of the sustainable fashion movement and I’m proud to be. I believe that there should be a purpose behind everything, especially when designing. The industry needs to change from being greedy and power hungry to an outlet for social change and action.



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