A big part of having a more sustainable and ethical wardrobe involves buying less, which often means investing in some really key pieces. So today we’re talking all about the classic black coat – a winter staple!

Investing in The Future

Everyone needs at least one, warm winter coat. And coats are always quite expensive, no matter where you buy them from. Although it’s tempting to go for the cheaper fix and an ‘it’ll do for this year’ mentality, just take a minute to stop and think about how often you wear a coat. The thing is, most coats from high street stores are made unethically and unsustainably, are bad quality, and still cost around £50. But how long will they really last?

Everyone also knows the agony of finding a jacket you love, wearing it everyday, and by the end of the first or second winter at a push it has fallen apart. Then you have to buy a new one and you’re out of pocket another £50+.

Most of us gasp at the thought of spending £100+ on a coat. But if you are buying from the right places, you could be spending a lot less per wear than you would on a cheaper coat. You’ll actually be saving money compared to buying a cheaper, lower quality coat, since by spending a bit more that coat should have double if not triple the lifespan of the cheaper version. Our perception about how much things should cost has become warped, and this is usually at the expense of either garment worker conditions or quality of materials.

So why not spend a little bit more and invest in coat that will last? It will be more conscious and will have less of an impact both ethically and sustainably. A decent coat should last you years and years, you have to think of it as an investment. Coats don’t tend to follow fashion trends, invest in the ‘classic’ and timeless pieces. Think of buying quality as an investment in the future!

The Impact of a Black Wool Coat

Buying ethically doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. If you invest in timeless classic styles like as this coat from EDOA then it’s not going to go out of trend.

This coat is perfect for wearing to the office, going out for drinks or just for a day trip around town. It’s made from a cashmere and alpaca wool blend, so it’s not vegan friendly – but is an amazingly sustainable material.

Unfortunately, it’s still hard to find a coat that meets all the requirements in terms of ethics and sustainabilty but any more conscious choice is a step in the right direction. If you have any queries about the ethics and sustainability of the item then don’t be afraid to ask the retailer! Conscious dressing should be all about transparency, and if they really do what they say they should be more than willing to get back to you.

Wool is a natural, renewable fibre that is not only incredibly soft, it’s also strong. Plus, it’s an active fibre so it is breathable and also flexible in terms of changes in temperature, so it helps you stay warm when it’s cold and cooler when it’s hot. Cashmere is a fiber obtained from the cashmere goat, and this blended with alpaca wool makes for a very durable coat.

EDOA’s products are all ethically made by a seamstress called Miss Gao and her husband. They used to be sample makers in the local garment factory but EDOA employed them , they quit their job and now have a family workshop. As a result they can make money and take care of their family.

Remember – if your coat gets damaged, you can get it repaired at a tailor’s and increase its life, rather than buy another new coat.

How else can you buy a sustainable coat?

If you can’t afford to buy a new, sustainable item, then look to vintage stores and charity shops. They always have an abundance of good quality winter coats. You could even buy secondhand on ebay! We’ve picked out a selection of classic black coats from the Asos Marketplace…




I hope some of these tips were useful for you! What do you think about investing in a staple? Where do you get your staples from? Leave us a comment to let us know or tweet us @Revival_Collect – we’ve love to hear your ideas!