Lambs with Manes of Lions

One of our amazing writers Laura has just released an incredible book of poems titled Lambs with Manes of Lions. Her poems look at the experiences of women through the transition from adolescence to adulthood, exploring themes such as love, violence, loss, laughter and determination.

The book is divided into five themes, spread across seven chapters, where each chapter can stand alone as a pillar of femininity, and shows how women can combat adversities through sheer determination, perseverance and empowerment. Lambs with Manes of Lions is a journey through the trials and tribulations found in one of the most daunting of life’s experiences: adulthood and identity.

Turnstiles and Turn-around Smiles

She is also working on a new book titled Turnstiles and Turn-around smiles which will explore more metaphysical themes, and has given us a sneak preview in the form of….

 Know Your Place – 2 in 1 Poem

Starlight in the desert plain

Sailing under a moonlit sky

Blue waters on a sunny day

Light speckling over water

Falls with rain onto the ground

Work of the bee and the butterfly

By the hours of the sweet sun

Day after day, the fruits of life

Cycles and routines, the creatures follow

The leader is not a human one

For all creatures are equally born

Free and happy, living in peace

By piece, and evolution, the food web goes

Out-wards and onwards, throughout time

And space becomes an issue, so take care

Full of houses and a lack of life

Lines drawn, extinct species and destroyed land

Fills the world with fear and dread

Full of worry of what comes next

Day delivers a renewal of hope

Less waste and abuse on our poor earthly host!


If you want more where this came from, you can buy Lambs with Manes of Lions on Amazon here.