It’s another New Year, which means another load of resolutions. Alongside the usual ‘I will get fit and eat more healthily’, here at Revival Collective we feel that everyone should come up with at least one resolution that they feel can help make the world a more ethical and sustainable place!

Here are a few from the members of the Revival Collective team…


“I’m about to stop working for a huge high street chain and have decided that this is the perfect time to make a resolution to stop buying from large corporate fast fashion chains with questionable manufacturing ethics and sustainable practices wherever possible, and instead opt only for clothing that is second hand or made by conscious designers and retailers. I also want to try and switch up my skincare and beauty products throughout the year and choose more conscious and ethical products instead.”


“One of my resolutions this year is to make my own skincare products. I’m really interested in researching different skincare ingredients, and making my own will allow me to know exactly what’s going into my beauty products and will also mean that I know exactly how they were made. So this resolution is important both in terms of ethics and will also help reduce pollution by allowing me to control what products I put both onto my skin and also back into the planet’s eco-system. I also want to avoid plastics as much as possible by buying food items that comes in recyclable packaging  – and this includes attempting to find a recyclable advent calendar for next year!”


“I’m going to stop using disposable face wipes and cotton buds with plastic as both of these are massive pollutants which can easily be switched to other more eco-friendly products. I’ve also decided to make it my mission to buy as many cruelty-free products as possible!”


“I’ve decided that this year I’m not buying any more clothes except to replace what I have already, like if something has broken or worn out. If I have to replace, I want to try and find a conscious alternative wherever possible. I just have so much stuff and have things in my wardrobe that still have the tags on. I want to stop mindless buying so that when I buy something I actually wear and value it.”


“This year I really want to be more conscious by doing more volunteering and charity work. Instead of just talking about issues I think it’s really important that we all actively try and help make the world a better place.”


“This year I want to try and recycle all our glass. Unfortunately they don’t collect glass from our house so we have to go to a glass bank which often means that we tend to just throw it straight into landfill. I also want to do more voluntary work to help keep our ecosystem cleaner, doing things like beach litter picking. Lastly I want to cut down on unethical and unsustainable meat consumption.”


“This year I want to focus on ethical living. I’m personally planning on supporting ethical production by buying from independent local and ethical businesses selling ethical and sustainable goods like fair trade and organic food and clothes. I’ve made a start with a lavender candle that I’ve bought, made of organic plant wax and essential oils. I also aim to focus on cutting down on food waste by planning ahead and eliminating over-buying, and if I do have any leftovers I’ll try and use them in other ways, like making soup from leftover veggies. While some would argue that the financial cost of ethical living can be high, by no means does it overcome its global benefits. Living consciously is worth the extra pennies!”


Happy New Year everybody! Let’s hope 2017 can be the year where unethical and sustainable practices start to be swapped for a brighter and better future for us all! Let us know your conscious New Years resolutions by commenting below or tweeting us @revival_collect!