Singles Day sales soar beyond Black Friday, creating another holiday-turned-consumerist-driven nightmare.

If you hadn’t heard…‘Black Friday’ is fast approaching. Originally the traditional American start to the Christmas Shopping season, it has, in recent years, increased in popularity. As a result we are all aware of the deals and discounts that will be  put on by retailers over the Black Friday period to encourage mass consumption at ridiculously cheap prices.

However – if you thought that one celebratory holiday turned consumerist binge-fest would be enough for November, then you were very, very wrong.

For the big retailers, there are never too many excuses to shop. On the 11th of November we also had ‘Singles Day’: an unofficial holiday created by students in the 1990s, which, like Black Friday, has been utilised as a mass marketing tool. The holiday originated in China as a retaliation to Valentines day and to celebrate singledom. However, this holiday was then adopted by Alibaba, China’s biggest online commerce company, who offers large discounts on many products in a bid to target younger consumers. Subsequently it became one of the largest online shopping days and this year Alibaba drove more than £14.2 billion in 24 hours – totally bypassing black Friday and cyber Monday, the two biggest shopping days in the US. With its growing popularity, this year also saw it moving out of China with over 25 countries participating, and has also been adopted by many international brands like Nike, Apple, Adidas, and Uniqlo.

Deals are always attractive, especially in a world that asks a lot of us when it comes to parting ways with our cash. And of course, Christmas is fast approaching, so tightening the purse strings and spending that little bit less is all the more appealing. But remember the old saying ‘it’s the thought that counts?’ Sales volumes of certain products are said to have tripled on Singles Day, but what actually happens to all these products a few days or months down the line? There is nothing that encourages waste culture more than panic buying bargains which you or they don’t actually need or want. Remember, it may have been cheap, but among the mad panic take, time to the money worth spending in the first place?

Don’t forget, you definitely don’t need to get caught up in the binge buying of discounted products in order to feel good about being single!

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