Affordable and sustainable perfumes made entirely from plant sources!

Eden Perfumes is a local family business, based in Brighton. They specialize in creating authentic vegan perfumes without using harmful chemicals. There are currently three shops in the UK – all of them on South Coast, with two in Brighton and one in Worthing. The business is preparing for an exciting opening of a fourth shop on Portobello Road, London in just a few weeks. The Eden family has traded for almost 5 years now, providing their customers with sustainable and ethical perfumes. Nonetheless, they are not looking to expand the business any further, and want to stay as local and sustainable as they can. If you’re not anywhere close to Brighton or Worthing however, you can buy Eden perfumes on their website (they provide a detailed description of scents and there are hundreds of reviews to help you make a choice).


After reading a lot about the company and hearing positive things from my friends, I finally visited the North Laine branch to purchase a vegan replacement for my La Vie est Belle from Lancome. The store is quite small, but there are over three-hundred scents, with most of them on display. It was very easy to test the perfumes, and to write down the numbers with special paper stripes and pencils provided. On the table there were also charts with the most popular perfumes and their estimate branded equivalent. Sometimes it’s hard to smell a few scents in short period of time and differentiate between them. However, sitting next to the charts, papers and pencils, there was also a glass filled with coffee beans to sniff and by doing so, our noses can “restart” the sensory neutrons. Like cleansing your palette!

I approached a member of staff to help me find the approximate counterpart of my favourite perfume. This must be a popular request, as he knew straight away which bottle to try first. I had an original Lancome with me, and the similarity was shocking; I almost couldn’t tell the difference. Since I was there trying various scents, I also asked if we could find an equivalent of The Scent For Her by Hugo Boss. The shop assistant checked an online database and found no exact Eden perfumes, however we tested few scents available to find the most similar one. It was a really enjoyable activity, and I felt that staff is committed to satisfy every customer.

After thoughtful consideration, I decided to purchase the scent I originally came for: the equivalent of La Vie est Belle (the Eden perfume number is 405 if you’re also looking for a vegan replacement for your Lancome). I bought a medium size bottle, and left the store feeling fresh and good.

Eden perfumes provide the customer with quality and affordable scents that are also vegan and made with passion and love. Not only are the products cruelty-free, customers are also encouraged to recycle the bottles. You can bring your empty Eden perfume bottle to the store, and they will refill it for few pounds less that what you originally paid (this option also applies online).


I’ve been using my 405 for few days now, I can tell that I will not have to refill it for a good year. The scent is very long lasting, and I only need to spray my neck once in the morning for the smell to be as powerful and amazing for the rest of the day! If you are still deciding whether to spend your money on Eden perfumes, I hope this encouragement will make your mind. You no longer have to compromise your conscience or your wallet to feel and smell amazing.

Have you tried Eden perfumes? If so, we’d love to hear what you think! And what are your other favourite conscious perfumes? Comment below or tweet us @revival_collect