Snacking is easily the best part of my day – is there any better pleasure then wandering into the kitchen with the knowledge that you’re about to be eating something delicious? Particularly if it’s also cruelty free!

So we’ve put together our favourite vegan snacks from this month (get ready to head out to your local whole foods store!)

#1: Raspberries

Snacking on fruit is brilliant – it’s delicious and sweet whilst being healthy and allowing you to feel great about having 12 of your 5-a-day. You can never eat too much fruit, right? August is particularly good time as so many yummy fruits are in season – including raspberries!

They’re versatile; can be spruced up, included in recipes or simply enjoyed on their own. AND they are divine in cocktails. Did somebody say picnic?


#2: Energy Balls

There are so many great energy balls out on the market and it’s brilliant that they’re so accessible now – particularly because of the great health benefits AND the fact that they’re so efficient.

However, we’ve recently been making our own and they are amazing! It’s a simple recipe to follow that involves throwing your ingredients into a food processor, moulding into balls and freezing until they’ve set.

It’s so easy to do, affordable and delicious. Here are some of my favourite recipes and a simple guide to becoming an energy ball master.

#3: Cactus Kitchen Gals Popcorn

Our friends the Cactus Kitchen Gals have been taking Brighton by storm this year, selling their delicious food and snacking goodies. They have a wide range of sweet treats and savoury delights to have you snacking for days.

My personal favourite has to be their caramel popcorn!


#4: Vego

I’m sure you’ve heard this from hundreds of vegans, but Vego is life. It’s a mystery to me how Vego can be so good – but i’d rather enjoy it than question it. For this reason, Vego will always be in my top vegan snacks and a love that I will cherish forever.


#5: Ten Acre Crisps

These crisps are like nothing else! They’re perfect if you’re on the go and want to grab something quickly. Especially if you miss certain flavours that aren’t vegan (i.e. cheese and onion).


Happy snacking everyone! And we want to know what your favourite vegans snacks are! We know there are many more delights out there, so tweet us @revival_collect or tag us on instagram @revival.collective