Everyone loves a good snack and if you’re like me, you’ve probably got a nice selection rattling around in your bag for when the snack-attacks hit! Also, the beautiful summer sunshine calls for one thing.. and that is picnics! There’s nothing nicer than getting your friends together and sitting outside with an assortment of delicious food –  and no picnic would be complete without a great snack selection! Obviously the best way to know how your food is being made and what ingredients are going into it, is by making it yourself, but we know that this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. So if you love the idea of making your own or, are a busy person on the move, who just wants a quick fix to curb hunger pangs,  we have compiled a combination of DIY’s and  conscious-brands-who-have-done-it-for-you, and written a list of our favourite vegan snacks for July.


Cherries are in this season! July is the best time to catch them at their ripest and juiciest. A fruit that’s packed full of nutrition, with health benefits such as easing muscle soreness and balancing your blood pressure, as well as being packed full of vitamin C (perfect for fighting off those summer colds/post festival flu) these tasty little fruits are a delicious snack, to carry round in your bag, or grab from the supermarket  when you’re craving something sweet. Buy British grown cherries wherever you can, as they should be widely available at this time of year.

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Deliciously Ella Energy Balls

The great thing about summer is that the bountiful amounts of sunlight means that getting motivated to exercise is so much easier. Whether you’re more into hitting the gym or prefer getting out in the fresh air, it’s always good to have a pre-workout snack on hand! Of course, these don’t have to be eaten with the intention of workout, and are a satisfying morning or afternoon snack for when you’re at work, or just out and about. Energy balls are great because you can substitute and add extra ingredients however you please.  Save money and excess packaging and check out Deliciously Ella’s Ultimate Energy Bites recipe, or alternatively you can buy her energy bites ready made here.

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Rude Health: 4 Seed Oaty

If you’re looking for a snack that’s a little bit more filling, then go for few of these crackers. Rude health is a company that specialises in making simple, un-artifical and unrefined food and drink. Their ingredients are all from organic sources, and these crackers are made with scottish oatmeal. Not only do they have a delicious oaty flavour, they also have a  great texture thanks to the added seeds. Oats are a great protein source, as well as slow releasing energy, and these crackers are great for having on their own or for layering on your favourite toppings- we love them with a dollop of hummus or some peanut butter.

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Plamil:  Tropical Orange Organic Chocolate

Chocolate a day, keeps the doctor away… that’s how the saying goes, right? Plamil not only offer delicious non-dairy treats, they are also fairtrade, organic, and have a ‘best ethical consumer’ rating for environmental reporting and  supply chain policy! They offer dark, milk and white chocolate in a wide range of flavours, including a dark chocolate and coconut flavour, and a tangy milk chocolate orange. Coming in snack size bars, they are are perfect for carrying around (and monitoring chocolate consumption), and make for a great mid-afternoon treat. They also have no added sugar!

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Eat Real: Creamy Dill Hummus Chips

These are a delicious crisp that are evocative of  quaver, but made from chickpea flour, rice and potato starch! The combination of these natural ingredients make a light crisp, with a crunchy texture. The also have a yummy flavour, which although distinct from potato chips, is really nice.  A tasty  vessel for all kinds of dips, Hummus chips are a great savoury snack for picnics, or just as a quick snack to tide you over until the next meal time. Furthermore, as a vegan you should never miss out on the opportunity to get a protein fix, and chickpeas are a great source..  chickpeas in crisp form are even better!

Hope this inspired you all to make your own yummy treats, and make a switch to brands that offer great products without compromising on ethics or sustainability. What are your favourite conscious, vegan snacks?  Let us know by tweeting us as @revival_collect, or tagging @revival.collective in your pictures on Instagram.